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Home Relocation

We understand the emotional attachment you have with your personal belongings and properties, that’s why we provide you with a safe, reliable and swift home moving solutions.

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Office & Commercial Move

Packing up and moving your business can be a daunting task with many components to think about. Rather than spending the time, money, and effort to accomplish it alone, let Ridera handle the tedious processes involved.

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Haulage Services

With our well equipped trucks & vans stationed at numerous locations, we handle the transportation and moving of your goods excellently. We also deliver your goods early and in good condition to your clients.

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Inter-State Services

We offer long distance moving services. Our large fleet of moving trucks is always ready, well-serviced, and ready to move. Last minute long distance moves are welcomed at no additional charge.

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Some Facts

Ridera logistics is now in every neighborhood. With several available trucks and Vans, we now cover all the LGA's in Lagos, taking care of several moving daily and relieving more people of the stress of moving.

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Proximity and Promptness

We have available trucks and vans stationed in all LGA’s in Lagos State, hence we are always prompt at your desired pick up location.

Affordable Rate

Our charges are reasonable, economical and quite affordable.

Proper Inventory

No second guesses and I confusing about items as we take accurate stock of all items before and after moving.

Professional Team

We have a team of highly experienced moving professionals that work swiftly, while handling your items with meticulous care and sensibility.

Wrapping Services

Ridera Logistics wraps your items securely in a clean protective nylon to prevent scratches and other incidental damages. This service is optional and it attracts an additional but affordable charge.


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